About Me


Get ready, because I am about to let loose all those random thoughts and bits of creativity that have been rattling around in my head all day. Words... Photos... I'm about to dump them all.

I began this blog shortly before going to live overseas for a year to teach. The goal was to write about my adventures in order to share them with my loved ones back home. Now I have returned to the states and I continue to write. But this time with a whole new kind of adventure to share. Regular life! Yay!

Life is good. I don't do as much traveling anymore,  but I go to work and then get to come home to the most awesome husband ever. I like him. He rocks. And together we have a houseplant.  :-)

In addition to writing, photography, traveling, my husband, and our houseplant named Xavier... I also am pretty crazy about...
Coffee, Tea, Reading books with deep plots & well developed characters, eating mac & cheese when my husband isn't home because he isn't crazy about it, polka dots, scarves, Toms (shoes), elephants, ducks, most small furry things, the color green, The TV show Get Smart, going to parks, driving, eating Thai food, and Bands such as Five Iron Frenzy, The Postal Service, and Herman's Hermits.
Any of (although not limited to) the above things may be discussed in this blog.

*Photo courtesy of Rachel May Photography

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