Monday, May 28, 2007

Smelling The Roses

Smelling the roses is overrated. At least that's what I keep trying to convince myself of.

I've always been a stop and smell the roses kind of person. But who has time for that these days? It seems that I have been swallowed up in the hurry of life.

The past several weeks have been non-stop for me.

Early May, my focus was mainly on two things. Finishing up my last credits needed for my degree, which meant lots of studying for final exams. My other focus has been being a dedicated shift manager of a small coffee shop. But that all changed when I completed my last exam with flying colors, and i put in my notice at work.

Packed up my cozy little room, loaded it all in the car, and then off to Lynchburg... Graduation was wonderful. The paperwork involved in reaching graduation was no picnic, but the end result was walking across a stage and shaking Dr. Towns' hand, and smiling for cameras with old friends. Seeing my friends was a much needed thing for me, as I have missed them all greatly after being away from LU for my last semester.

From Lynchburg I headed east... took a short stop in Farmville to see more dear friends, and then continued on to the coast where I now am with my family. Unload the car... unpack... now I'm repacking. I often get sidetracked from packing in order to do things such as working on the endless process of trying to sort out details so i can leave the country. But such is my life right now. Soon I will finish packing, head back to northern virginia, stay a few days, then hop a place for Thailand. It's all coming together, it's just taking a while getting there...

I have a 24 hour flight ahead of me where i can smell the roses all i want. oh wait... i don't think i can get roses through customs...

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