Friday, June 8, 2007

The Beginnings.

Today it was down to business.

Lots of meetings... Listening to people talk. But it was all very good and very helpful. I feel like I'm on information overload at this point, but I figure that is better than being completely in the dark. I'm figuring things out like creating lesson plans, which I can tell right now will not be my most favorite activity. I'm decorating my classroom (which needs a lot of help), and the coolest part about my classroom is that it has cute little desks! For my little students! I can't wait until all those cute little desks are filled up with cute little Thai kids.

Classes start on June 18th. Ten Days from today! I think it's the first month that I'm most nervous about. Not only will it be an adjustment for me as I learn how to be a teacher, but it will be an adjustment for my students. They are used to kindergarten, and suddenly as they find themselves in 1st grade they will discover many changes. They will no longer have nap time, they will be at school all day rather than for a half day, they will have to sit at a desk, they will have homework. So it will be a learning experience for us all. My class size is nice though. I will only have 11 students, except for the first month. In July there will be another Grade 1 teacher coming, and so there will be two grade 1 classes. But until she arrives I will have her students as well as mine, making 23 students.

All in all... Life in in the Eastern Hemisphere is grand.

Oh, and I can't forget to tell you about my roommate.

His name is Geico. He's a good little roommate. He comes and he goes. And he sometimes hides in my shoes which I'll admit is a little strange. But I told him that as long as he stays away from me while I'm sleeping then I don't mind living with him.


Suzanne said...

I have an insane desire to meet Geico. And come visit you... I want a Thai Frapp.

Jason Stowell said...

Yo... I guess the link does work.

Derek Knight said...

I can say I've had worse roommates, but never ones that would hide in my shoes. I think my mom's second grade class this year had 11 kids, so except for the whole being in Thailand thing, you're practically doing the same! She loves it! I think I am going to go in and meet her class this next week; maybe even give them my famous Scooby Doo impression.

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