Monday, October 29, 2007


I don't think i've ever experienced darkness like i have since being here.

Sure, I live in a city, and so physically it is never dark. But Spiritually is another story.

Halloween is coming up this week. Growing up, my family didn't usually do anything for the holiday. We didn't trick-or-treat, or throw parties, or do anything related. Sure I was a little bit disappointed back then, but today i don't have much interest in celebrating. At the same time it's all in fun, and if I had to I wouldn't mind it that much. Most likely when I have kids i'll be taking them trick-or-treating.

Part of me is agreeing to dress up with my students on Wednesday. But honestly, I don't want anything to do with Halloween right now. Back in the states it's fine, but here is another story. Like i said, I had never really seen darkness until i came here.

My students see ghosts on the playground. There is spirit-worship and idol worship everywhere i look. Prostitution is huge. Transvestitism is accepted as normal. Wickedness is reveled in. The darkness is thicker than the smoggy streets, and they're so smoggy that I'm starting to sound like an old woman.

This year, where I am, I want nothing to do with Halloween. It's not so much fun and games here.

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Heather said...

totally understand. ethan's hometown had witchcraft issues and he also wants nothing to do with it. i have a sensitive spirit (the first ghost decoration to go up, i prayed for strength), so i have no problem with that!

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