Monday, January 5, 2009

My Dad.

This was written by my Mum and will bring you up to speed with where things are with my Dad.
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This journey for us started Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 1998, almost 11 years ago, when Tim was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma in its most advanced stage. He received "hyper-CVAD" chemotherapy at Fairfax Inova Hospital followed by a 15 month remission.

The Lymphoma returned, so in May of 2000 Tim underwent a bone marrow transplant at NIH in Maryland. (Thank you to Tim's brother, Peter, a perfect match.) Without going into the details of an allogeneic bone marrow (stem cell) transplant, a few years later the Doctors at NIH actually said he is "cured" of that "incurable" lymphoma.

In June of 2004, when cancer seemed a thing of the past, a melanoma mole was discovered and removed from Tim's temple. Thorough testing seemed to show that it had not spread from that area. However, in June 2006, just when we made the move to Olde Towne, Portsmouth VA, we discovered that the melanoma had metastasized to his lungs. In our time here he has had 4 different kinds of chemotherapy. The second one worked for a while, then stopped working. Lately he has not been receiving any treatment, but was feeling pretty well. Making it through even one year with this is pretty amazing. He had been doing really great and working full time. He's continued to live really well, happy, ministering, loving the Lord and all of us.

We did get some unexpected news on November 18th just before Thanksgiving that the melanoma has spread to Tim's brain. Tim had to have scans on his neck/throat area (for a pain in the neck ;) and although the oncologist did not expect any metastasis in that area, we also ordered an MRI of his head. The metastasis to the brain was a shock to the doctor, too. He said this is "a major development."

Tim started full brain radiation treatment the next day. He has completed the recommended 10 daily treatments. There will be new scans in January to see if the brain tumors have shrunk.

There has been another new development in that the tumors in Tim's lungs have increased in size, and there is fluid on the outside of his left lung. This combined with the side effects of the full brain radiation is causing heavy fatigue and some difficulty breathing. Tim has been up and about, taking pain meds, and he actually made his famous homemade apple pie just a week ago.
We are just now back from a wonderful gift vacation at a beach house in Sandbridge, VA with all of our "kids". This was a sweet and refreshing time for all of us.

God have been so gentle with us. We still see that we have received a special gift and answer to prayers. Thank you so much to you and your family for your prayers, support and encouragement through the years. We are blessed, blessed, blessed!

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Great picture of a great family.

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