Thursday, December 2, 2010


I've never understood the "Candid" photo. Usually when I hear about "Candid" photos it is the photos that someone snaps of a group of people, where most are unaware that their photo is being taken, several are mid-conversation with mouths gaping open, one or two have very strange or seemingly grumpy expressions on their faces, and one person realizes that there is a photo being taken so they are looking directly at the camera and smiling very cheeseily. If cheeseily isn't a word, I think it should be. I'm usually not a fan of this kind of candid photo.

This candid photo, however, made me smile. It was taken on Thanksgiving day. We had just finished our big Thanksgiving feast, and the cousins decided that we should go for an after-dinner walk. This is me... and my tall, handsome husband.

This photo was taken by my cousin, BCP.

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