Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Haircut.

It's that time again. The time that the ol' locks need some trimmin'. They've gotten a little bit out of control lately and the thing that was on the top their Christmas list was a little bit of love and attention.

I've mentioned before about the fear I feel when I walk into a hair salon. I still feel that the people who work there look at my long hair as though it were a big juicy steak that they're dying to slice into. With a butcher's knife.  That fear still exists. But in addition to fear, I also have an all around feeling of awkwardness. I walk in, the woman at the desk says "hello", and the rest of my stuttering goes something like this... "Um... Hi. I need a haircut. So... I came to the hair cuttery. Because you cut hair, and I need my hair to be cut. Could you cut my hair?" It would be so much simpler if I could just walk in, and since it is a hair cutting salon they could just assume I'm there to get my hair cut, and greet me with something like "Hi, you're here for a haircut, right? Sit down right there." Would save a lot of awkwardness.
Well, thankfully there were no butcher's knives handy and it turned out quite nicely.


leslie.kidd said...

Your hair looks beautiful! I like the layers!!

So what font did you use in the corner of your picture? It's pretty!!

Happy New Year!

Elizabeth @ Musings said...

Thanks, Leslie!

The font is called "Wenceslas". I like it and I've had some fun with it!

Natalie said...

Wow, I LOVE your hair! Its beautiful! I cut absolutely ALL mine off a couple months ago, it looks great when it's straightened and fixed properly, but that's just the thing, before when it was past my bra strap in length I could get out of the shower, gel it and go because I have naturally curly hair and only got a cut ONCE a year..and that was a trim. This year I had a mid life (hair) crisis, and im only 22. I got the stack cut, where it's shorter in the back and longer in the front. Now I wish I had never touched it...and it was long and I was able to let it be curly again. But it grows back..right? LOL!

Elizabeth @ Musings said...

Natalie, thank you!
Having easy hair is such an important thing in life. I've had long hair almost all of my life (except for a time in college when i cut it up to my chin), and i really find that contrary to popular belief, long hair is easier! i don't have to do much to it at all. It is nice to know though, that no haircut is ever permanent. I think your haircut looks cute, but if its not what you like, you can rest assured that it will grow out.
I had to laugh, by the way. i didn't know other people also used the description of "bra strap length" for their hair :-) that is just about where mine is now, after getting about 4 (or so) inches taken off.

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