Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am SO very excited that it is Daylight Savings Time again. Yay! I love that I now get to drive home in the daylight, and I love that once I am home I still have some daylight left to enjoy. In the winter I drive home in the dark and once I'm home from work I generally stay indoors because well, its dark, and its cold. But now it is light outside, and it is beginning to warm up a little bit. Slowly but surely.
I'm also looking foward to the fact that with some daylight still around after I get home from work in the evenings, it will be much easier to get out and take photos. I will admit, I haven't done too much photography in the past few weeks. I think in a way the break has been good, but at the same time I miss it.
All has not been in vain, however. While I've been inside (out of the dark and cold), I've been going through some of my older photos from some of my travels. I didn't have the most fancy camera, and I didn't always know what I was doing it... but all in all I think I took some neat photos! But then they just sat there. Lately I've been revisiting them, and am beginning to edit them. Spruce them up a tad. 
Below are some of the people I photographed while on a two-week backpacking trip through India. You can read more about that trip Here.  

I love people watching. Their faces, posture... it all tells such a great story. These particular photos bring back such rich memories for me of the interactions I had with the people and of the surrounding experiences. I am so glad that I had the opporunity to take that trip, and I am blessed to have met so many interesting people in my life.


Kandi said...

Lovely shots! What an adventure it must've been in India. I, too, have hardly photographed anything in the past few months. I guess I have to get more creative in the wintertime! Excited for spring and more photo opps, though!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures in India.

Besides the shock of losing that hour of sleep and dealing with the kids adapting -- I love the time change and the extra light it brings.

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