Friday, July 1, 2011

Southern Grocery Stores.

I'm from the DC area. While it is technically "South" being south of the mason-dixon line, it is far from being "Southern". As I've explained to people before, "South" is a geographical direction, while "Southern" is a way of life.
Where I grew up, when we went to the grocery store we used to leave the shopping cart by the curb in front of the store, then pull the car up to load. Sometimes there would be a bag boy to load them into your car for you, but I haven't seen them out there in years. And we don't leave our carts on the curb anymore because someone might walk off with your shopping cart in the time it took to pull your car up, and the store doesn't want to be held liable. Instead, you walk your own cart out to your car, load in your groceries, and leave the cart at the designated cart drop spot.
Tennessee is a different story. Remember what I was saying about southern being a way of life? Well I was able to experience a little bit of southern hospitality today...yes, at the grocery store. Let me tell you, it was the easiest grocery store trip I've ever done. I didn't have to lift a finger, hardly. The store manager unloaded the contents of my cart onto the conveyor belt to check out, checked my box of eggs to make sure none were cracked, when he noticed that one indeed was cracked he ran and got me a new one, and then a bag boy offered to push my cart out to my car and load it into my car for me. Say what??  
Now, the only thing that remains is to answer one question.
Is is:
a) A shopping cart
b) A shopping basket
c) A Buggy.


And does anyone know if I'm supposed to tip someone who brings my groceries out to the car for me?

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Anonymous said...

About the tipping... Here at our commissary, the baggers work for tips only. We generally tip about twenty-five cents per bag and round up.
-Kate W

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