Friday, August 5, 2011

Puddin' Head

Story time!

My husband works on a team of all men. A few weeks ago their team had a guys night that included dinner. There was another team dinner scheduled for last night. Knowing my husband would be out for the evening, I was all set with my own girl-night-in plans. It was a chance to do all the girly things I don't do when my husband is around. I had found a recipe for a homemade deep conditioner,  had picked up a new nail polish color, and had the mac-n-cheese cookin'. Just as I had my hair all soaked in mayo, yogurt, and egg white, and had just poured in my powdered cheese, I got a phone call from my husband. He told me that he had just found out that wives were invited to this particular team dinner.
So I'm sitting there busting out laughing, with puddin' on my head.... And we've got dinner with my husband's boss and his coworkers that we're already late for.
Are you kidding me? I told my husband that if he could have seen me over the phone that he would be laughing right then. Oy.

It ended up being a fun evening... After I stashed my mac-n-cheese in the fridge and washed all the goop out of my hair.


leslie.kidd said...

Yikes! lol ... I think I wouldn't have been as calm as you seem during this all! Good for you! :)

Suzanne Rogers said...

*ahem* Where are the pictures to go with this post? I have come to expect pictures with your entries and I'm thoroughly disappointed in not seeing you with all that goop in your hair ;-)

You can make it up to me by sharing a review of your product. :-)


ELeeds said...

Haha.... Yeah... *unfortunately* I didn't have time to take photos ;)
The deep conditioner worked great though. My hair has been super soft since then. It would have worked even better if I could have left it on longer, and maybe not shampooed it right away. Try it!

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