Sunday, February 12, 2012

Camera Bag

On the subject of cameras... Having a nice camera is great, but if you're going to actually take it with you regularly and use it, you need a good bag to carry it in. I had been searching for a good camera bag for quite a while, to no avail. The problem is that there were several criteria that it needed to meet.
1) It needed to be cute and not look like camera bag. Nothing says "Please steal me" like a bag that looks like it would contain a camera.
2) It had to be comfortable to wear.
3) It can't be big and bulky.
4) It needs to hold more than just a camera. Can't I be a photographer and a bookworm? And lets not forget all the other things that go in a bag: Wallet, 12 chapsticks, a cell phone, etc.
5) It couldn't be too pricey. Most camera bags I have found range from $100-$250 at least.

Let me just say that I couldn't find everything I wanted in one bag. Until a few months ago when I did this...

I found a great, inexpensive padded camera bag insert on Amazon:

Then I found a great bag on Sale at Target:

Put 'em all together and what do you get???

1 comment:

Unknown said...

This is great! My camera bag looks like a camera bag. And I have outgrown it. Unless I choose to leave a lens or two at home, which I hate to do. It is hard to decide which one! :) I'll have to look into the insert on Amazon.

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