Monday, July 28, 2008

The past in a picture frame.

I have this photograph in a frame and it sits on my desk at work. Each day I see these faces looking back at me. Usually I just go on with what I was doing without it phasing me... But from time to time I am flooded with memories. Was it all a dream? It feels like so long ago. Were these beautiful children really once a part of my life? I know that I was there for a time, for a reason. And I know that I am home for a reason. I wouldn't trade that time, and don't think I'm meant to trade this time either. But what about these kids? I love them, and I poured my life into them. I was given the opportunity to share Jesus with them, and to watch them grow. They have now moved on to grade 2 which is new and exciting for them, but they have also run into a challenging situation. They have no permanent teacher. They have substitutes, but no one to really pour into their lives. It breaks my heart. Along with love and attention, they need consistency. If you know anyone who might in the slightest bit be interested in teaching overseas, please let me know. I want to see my babies thriving, but it is hard for them to thrive when they're getting lost in the shuffle.

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Derek Knight said...

I am glad we have photography. I'm with John Mayer some of the time (3X5); sometimes its better to write about an experience or just use our memories. But I have pictures that bring back floods of memories and joy - like seeing my dear friends from DC who are now spread throughout the country.

I'm sorry your kids are still without a permanent teacher. I'll let you know if I think of anyone that might be interested.

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