Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mind Changing.

It is amazing how our viewpoints can drastically change in such a short amount of time. We can have our mind completely made up about a subject, but then if you change one factor, or adjust one element, we can make a total about-face in our thinking.

The last thing I wrote was about how it had been snowing so much, making me anxious to go outside. I wanted to go out, even if that meant braving the blustery cold air. For weeks and weeks the main topic of discussion everywhere was the snow, the cold, the ice... But now it is April, the snow is all melted, the flowers and trees are blooming and bursting with color, and its warm!

Oh man... It was so hot today... There was no air conditioning in my office and all day I watched the thermometer going up and up as my office became more and more humid and stifling.

Oy... See what I mean? You know you've done it too.
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