Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad Idea.

Sometimes we do stupid things.
And sometimes we're oblivious that we're doing something stupid.

Recently, on a lovely spring evening, my husband and I went on a short walk to return a movie at the Blockbuster in a shopping center near our home. Because it was such a pleasant day there were many people out and about who were also enjoying the weather. We had just dropped off the movie and were turning to go home when we encountered a sight that caused me to turn away and shield my eyes in horror. Cutting through the shopping center and passing by us was a man out running with his dog. Many people enjoy this activity and I'm told that dogs can be great motivational running companions. But things went terribly wrong for this man. He was running without a shirt, wearing shorts only. These shorts were those skimpy little running shorts -- you know what I mean. Hang on, it gets worse. He had taken his dog's leash and had looped it up and through the leg of his shorts, cinching his shorts at that spot. His dog was becoming tired from their jog, and was lagging behind. And so were the man's shorts. It wasn't unlike the Coppertone baby, but this one wasn't at all cute. It was scary, and scaring. I don't believe that he had any clue though.

I just have to wonder... what stupid things have we done that we have been oblivious to?

1 comment:

Derek Knight said...

I'm laughing and cringing at the same time.

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