Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kids These Days.

My commute home takes me right past a high school, and often the traffic is slow as I'm passing by. There is a sidewalk that runs along the road that I regularly see students using to walk home. Yesterday as I was slowing crawling my car past the school I saw a high school girl walking home. She had a backpack on, and she was wearing.... Teddy Bear Footie Pajamas?

I'm sure I did some strange things in high school. Most of us probably did. You may have even worn pajama pants to class. I was homeschooled, so I know I did, but it was in my own home and not in public. But footie pajamas? To a public high school? And not only to school, but to walk home in?

Do you have any fun stories of things you, or someone else, wore to class?

My freshman year of college I went to a school with a very strict dress code. I was once sent back to my dorm to change because I was wearing... (oh, the shame!)... striped knee-socks under my long denim skirt. I was also wearing bowling shoes, but I don't think they minded those.
When it came to making fashion statements, I was more the type to add a little unique flair to my outfit, rather than doing something all-out crazy.

When it comes to wearing footie pajamas in public... maybe I just don't understand?

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