Saturday, November 6, 2010

Disconnect to Connect.

We've all seen it. Maybe we've even done it.

Two friends out to lunch, and one of them spends half the time on the phone, "catching up with a friend" while the other one quietly eats their salad wishing their friend would talk with them and not to the person on the phone.

A father has the special opportunity to take his daughter to preschool every morning, but misses out on this quality time he could be sharing with her, because he's on the phone getting a jump on work for the day.

A family out is out to dinner, but the kids are all glued to their phones, texting to their friends about the boring dinner they're having, when they could be enjoying fun conversation with their parents and siblings.

I have to give major props to DTac, a Thai Cell Phone Company who created the ad below. They have realized what many have not. That even though we may feel "Connected" to the world through our super-phones, often it is at the price of being Disconnected from those who are with us right now.

Ps. Please don't leave me disgruntled comments. I use a cell phone. I use Facebook. And hey, I even write a blog! They are all good in their proper place, and yes they do connect us with the people who are far away that we can't physically be with. But my point is that we don't want to become so focused on connecting with the rest of the world that we forget about the world that is sitting next to us, longing for our attention.


leslie.kidd said...

Good blog! I like the ad that you posted. It's so true. I feel that way when someone does it around me and it's not a good feeling. I try to not do that when I am around people! :) Thanks for the reminder!
BTW I do booksneeze, too! Have you done a review yet?

ELeeds said...

Thanks Leslie!
I haven't done a review yet - When I first signed up they didn't have any available books, and they still don't. :-( Hopefully soon I'll be able to though. I saw the review that you did and thought it was a neat idea ;-)

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