Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You can never have too much.

My husband really likes tea. And by "likes" I mean that I'm convinced that it flows through his veins. I've always been a coffee fan, and always will be. But once we started dating I was quickly hooked on having an evening cup of tea. As a matter of fact, I have a mug of tea sitting dangerously close to my right elbow right now, and I should probably move it before my computer is a goner.

After a quick sip..... okay, it is no longer a threat.

Back to what I was talking about. We are officially a tea-loving household. We had too many boxes of tea to put in the cupboard in our kitchen, so we have a special box to store it all in -- a treasure chest.

I asked my husband recently if there was anything we needed from the grocery store.
"Tea!" he said. "Lots and lots of tea!" And he told me about how we were running out. I couldn't help but laugh, and then I snapped the photo above. The box doesn't shut anymore. But we were out of all the favorites. So when we went to the grocery store we picked up three or four more boxes.

We like tea.


Heather said...

ethan got me hooked. bed time stories and green tea are my favs. i still don't like coffee though. ;)

ELeeds said...

bedtime stories and tea... what a great way to end the day :-)

Kandi said...

I know I'm a little late on this one but I love that story - it's very cute and it's great that you took a picture of your "low stash" of tea! My Dad is a tea drinker, too, and once in awhile I'll have an evening cup. My favorite is Honey Vanilla Chamomile. Mmmmm. But I, too, still prefer coffee! :)

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