Sunday, December 12, 2010

Xavier, Part 2

This is the "Today" shot of Xavier. The shots on my last post had  been taken a few weeks ago. See, I told you he is looking worse. Poor thing. I think we're going to try re-potting him. Maybe that will help.

A friend who read my last post made a comment to me that made me laugh. She said that it is easier to keep animals and babies alive than it is to keep plants alive. I thought about that... But for houseplants that is all you need to do. Keep them alive. For animals and babies you must help them thrive. You can't just give them attention once a week as you give them a little bit of water and open the curtain so that they can get some sunshine.
For dogs you gotta take them for walks and pick up their poop and take care of their fleas and give them baths and whatever else you have to do for dogs. I wouldn't really know. Or for babies... you gotta tend to their every need at whatever hour of the day or night, and make sure that you support their head because they haven't yet developed muscle strength in their necks. Then raise them in hopes that they won't one day run off with their boyfriend in the death metal band.

I don't need to instill good morals in my houseplant. And I don't need to pick up after it. I think that is easier than an animal or a kid. Wait... What is that music I hear downstairs? Xavier.....? What are you listening to...? NO! You may not get your leaves pierced!

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