Wednesday, December 8, 2010


"I think we need to get a dog." I said to my husband, who gave me a surprised glance. He asked me why I thought we needed to get a dog, since I knows I don't really want one. I've never had a dog, and frankly, they can intimidate me. Not to mention that they can shed and I think that is gross.

I motioned for him to look at my computer screen where I had been messing around with photoshop.

This is Xavier. Our houseplant. Yes, I have been taking photos of the houseplant who has become like a member of the family. You could actually call Xavier my step-plant. He belonged to my husband for several years before we got married.

Of course, now that we are married, the plant has been dying. Do you see those brown spots? They're getting worse. Man, I can't keep the houseplant alive. Maybe I shouldn't get a dog.

1 comment:

leslie.kidd said...

This makes me laugh! But I totally understand...we kill plants, too! :( not good!

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