Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Magic" Vegan Eyeshadow Primer -- Product Review

As a makeup enthusiast I always enjoy testing and trying new products and trends. My face, however, is not always as enthusiastic. It can be hit or miss, and some products just don't make my sensitive skin happy. This of course leads to more testing and trying. :)

For quite a while I have dealt with itchy, sensitive, watery eyes. I had tried every which sort of eye drop and seen ophthalmologists and allergists, and never found any solutions. I'm honestly a little surprised that no one ever suggested it may be caused by my makeup. But on my own I decided to experiment with eliminating products from my makeup routine to see if it would help. After much trial and error I landed roughly on "I'm allergic my my eyeshadow primer". Dangit. While many won't understand this disappointment, makeup enthusiasts understand that it greatly increases the intensity and long wear of eyeshadow while cutting down on creasing.
So I figured out the problem, but only sort of. I still have not determined which specific ingredient is the culprit. If you have any insight, please share. This resulted in my attempt to find an alternative. I tried many many eyeshadow primer brands in a hunt to meet two criteria: 1) It couldn't irritate my eyes. 2) It needed to work! That sounds silly, but I did find several eyeshadow primers that didn't irritate my eyes, however they didn't work. Boo.
But after much trial and error I found some magic....

The product is aptly named "Magic" Vegan Eyeshadow Primer from The All Natural Face. This little tube has been a lifesaver and meets both my criteria. My eyes don't get irritated, and it works! It provides a nice base for my eyeshadow and helps it last all day without creasing. It's not the end-all be-all product, but it gets the job done. I'd love to find something that goes on more opaque or has other color options, but regardless I am pleased.

Natural ingredients
Lasts well through the day
Inexpensive ($7.00 plus shipping)

Not a super long shelf life
Not very opaque
Will crease if put on too thickly
No color options
Only sold online

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